Profitable Soothika Maternity Franchise For Sale In Kochi, Kerala, India

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Posted on: 08-Jun-2018

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A new life has entered the world. The joy of motherhood has dawned and engulfed your life with happiness & delight. And most importantly, this is the time that your body has to begin regenerating its strength and vitality. These are the golden days of recovery. Soothika Maternity Care Service has not just a positive effect on your body, but also fortifies the bond between you and your baby. This everlasting bond is what every mother wants to experience during her motherhood. After all, your body is special and needs to be prepared for this beautiful phase of life. Ayurveda says that the choices made during the initial 42 days following delivery, influence a woman’s wellness for the next 42 years. The postpartum care received; together with the woman’s activity level has got significant effect on her recovery and lifetime health. This utilizes the age-old saga of Ayurveda, which indicates life knowledge, and is based on maintaining the body balance through foods,

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Health & Safety Consultancy


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Kochi, Kerala, India

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Name : Soothika Maternity for Sale
Business Turnover : 2500000-50000000 INR /Annum
Total Expenses : 1000000-2500000 INR /Annum
Investment Required : 1000000-2500000 INR
Minimum Investment : 1000000-2500000 INR
Liquied Capital : 1000000-2500000 INR
Capital Upto : 1000000-2500000 INR
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