Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1) I already have an account. How do I amend my contact information?

ANS) Please login to the Tobuz.com website with your existing username and password. You can then click the “My Account” button on the top of the page and change/edit your information.

Q.2) I have forgotten my password! What should I do now?

ANS) Please click on the “Login” button. On the login page, below the username/password fields, you will see a “Forgot Password?” link. Please click it to get to the page where you can enter your email address and we will send a link to change the password.

Q.3) I have forgotten the email address I used to register!

ANS) No problem. Please click on the “Login” button. On the login page, you can enter your username instead of the email ID and enter the password which will get you through successfully.

Q.4) How do I use your ToBuz website?

ANS) We are committed to providing you with the best possible user experience and for that we are constantly working on making a more user friendly website. You can: Search by Business Category |Search by Country | Search by State | Search by Sector | Search by Investment Range | Search by Company Type | or Search by Timeline in the keyword field and see listings.

Q.5) Business Listing at ToBuz site was incomplete or inaccurate!

ANS) We are only a platform for sales’ advertisement, buy and purchase, and do not create the listings by ourselves. Although we encourage our clients to provide the best possible information about their businesses, we cannot ensure compliance. However, you may send a direct message to the seller in case of any ambiguity regarding the advertisement they placed.

Q.6) What if I cannot find the business category that I want the business to be listed

ANS) Please add the category in the “Others, Please specify” section.

Q.7) How do I edit/remove my ad from this site?

ANS) For making any changes to your Ad, you will need to log into your account with your username and password and access the edit/delete the Ad option through your dashboard.

Q.8) How long does it take to get my listing live?

ANS) Once you have paid for your package and registered your details with ToBuz.com, you will be able to add your listing. As soon as you have entered the information about the business you wish to sell, click Submit. It will take maximum of 24 hrs for the Ad to go live.

Q.9) What data do I need before I start adding my listings?

ANS) First, you need to register your details on our registration form under the packages information. Then you may add your logo and start creating your advert. The ToBuz.com Team can also assist in posting your advert after your registration and payment.

Q.10) How many images can I upload?

ANS) You may upload 5 images at maximum with the advertisement. The recommended file type for images is png, jpeg or gif and the size is 1087 * 475, the system automatically crops any picture larger than the mentioned size.

Q.11) How can my contact details be shown to others?

ANS) Only those contact details you make visible to others are shown in your details which generally includes your name and a preferred phone number. As for brokers, in addition to the basic details, name and number of the agent in charge of a particular listing are also provided.

Q.12) Do I get an email for enquiries?

ANS) Yes you do. People can put through enquiries and you will receive them on your dashboard. This ensures no loss of emails, phone calls and no spam. For brokers, you will receive the enquiry emails to your main email address.

Q.13) Can I get a refund?

ANS) We are an advertising service just like a newspaper or any other advertising venue. Once an advert is placed, there regrettably cannot be any refund.


Q.1) How do I get further information on a business or contact the seller?

ANS) To get detailed information on a business for sale listed on our site, feel free to contact the seller or the broker directly using the contact seller links provided with each listing.Kindly note that we are not a business broker or an agent. We are simply an advertising service that you, the seller and the broker can use to express interest in buying and selling a business.Once you contact a seller, it is possible that the sellers may want to know more about you before they disclose any financial or other information about their business. So please be prepared for the same.Some Sellers/ Brokers may also insist that you sign an NDA or Non Disclosure Agreement to protect their business information from their competitors or the media.

Q.2) How much does it cost for buyer to list a business on our site?

ANS) Please review our business packages under the business for sale section.

Q.3) Why should I register as a Business Buyer?

ANS) At Tobuz.com registering as a business buyer gives you the following advanced features.View all your bookmarked businesses in one place.View all the enquiries that you have sent to the business for sale opportunities.Send enquiries with a click of a button in less than 1 min.Find more similar businesses that light your interest.Be the first to view new opportunities before others can see them.


Q.1) How much does it cost for a seller to list a business on our site?

ANS) Please review our business packages under the business for sale section.

Q.2) How many listings can a Private Seller add?

ANS) Each Seller is allowed 1 listing per package. They may add more listings by making another payment on the same account.

Q.3) How long will my listing appear on the site?

ANS) For Sellers, the length of time in which your listing appears depends on which package you select or until the listing is sold as per the package.

Q.4) How do I remove a SOLD business from your website?

ANS) You may remove a business listing in just one click by clicking on the “inactive” button on the dashboard only. You may even send an email to us detailing which listing you need to be taken down and we will do it for you.

Q.5) I can’t find the listing that I added on my account. How can I fix this?

ANS) Please Log in to your account and go to the dashboard. Click on My Profile and there you will find your listings under the My Listing tab. You may also sort your listings according to Title, Date, Popularity, Featured or Nearest.

Q.6) How do I keep myself anonymous while posting a listing?

ANS) We understand that selling a business is a sensitive process. Please note that you are neither asked to disclose your business name in a Business for Sale listing nor the specifics on your business such as its exact location or your telephone numbers. Initial communication from the prospective buyer is handled through our messaging system until you decide to have direct communication.In case you want to contact them directly, you will receive the contact number and email address of the prospective buyer from our messaging system.


Q.1) How many listings can a Business Broker add?

ANS) This depends on the package that the broker selects category-wise.

Q.2) I’m a Business Broker, how long will my listing appear on the site?

ANS) Again this depends on the package that you opt for where in the duration of the membership is mentioned.

Q.3) Can added agents access the account?

ANS) Yes, they can log on in separately. They also have the rights to add, modify and delete businesses. They are also able to view enquiries.

Q.4) How much does it cost for Business Brokers to list businesses on ToBuz?

ANS) This depends on the Broker package that you opt for.

Q.5) I’m a Business Broker, how long will my listing appear on the site?

ANS) This depends on the package that you opt for.

Q.6) How Can I View, Edit or Delete my Current Listing?

ANS) Broker can edit the listing through his dashboard. Dashboard has all the features about editing/ adding any category listing.

Q.7) How do I remove a SOLD business from your website?

ANS) You may remove a business listing in just one click by clicking on the “inactive” button on the dashboard or even “delete” it. You may also send us an email telling us which listing you need to be taken down which can be done without the broker’s request as well.


Q.1) Who can help me if I cannot maintain my account or make changes?

ANS) In the Franchise Package, the relationship manager will be dedicated to your account and he can take a lead in getting the same sorted with other features attached to the services provided.

Q.2) How many listings can a Franchisor add?

ANS) Franchisors are allowed to add a maximum of 1 listing per package.

Q.3) What actions do you take if my listings are not receiving any enquiries?

ANS) Listing will be updated twice a month on our featured business section for the franchisor to have more traffic on his dashboard.

Q.4) I’m a Franchisor, how long will my listing appear on the site?

ANS) Your Listing would be reflected on our site as long as your membership annual package is valid.

Q.5) How much does it cost for Franchisors to list on ToBuz.com?

ANS) We have an annual package for Franchisors. You may please review the Franchisors package section to view all the features and the cost.