Profitable Mini Melts American Ice Cream Franchise For Sale In Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Posted on: 11-Sep-2018

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The concept of cryogenically frozen ice cream (the use of extremely cold temperatures to freeze ice cream), is an excellent way to lock in the flavor of the ice cream in a truly unique way. First, it is well known the faster a product can be frozen, the better it will taste. Using liquid nitrogen we flash freeze our ice cream in split seconds. Secondly, typical ice cream must have air whipped into it to enable it to be scooped ... Mini Melts has no air whipped into it. And, finally, the exciting shapes produced by this process are mouth wateringly irresistible ... While some people call it popcorn ice cream ... we call it The Ice Cream Dream!

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Retail Businesses
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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Name : Mini Melts American Ice Cream for Sale
Business Turnover : 1000000-2500000 INR /Annum
Total Expenses : 500000-750000 INR /Annum
Investment Required : 750000-1000000 INR
Minimum Investment : 0-100000 INR
Liquied Capital : 500000-750000 INR
Capital Upto : 250000-500000 INR
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