About Startup Accelerator

As a startup accelerator, Tobuz helps early-stage & growth-driven businesses or startups develop their product and hone their business model. It helps your business get in touch with the most Startup Accelerator Programs in the country or anywhere in the world.

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What is an Accelerator

A startup accelerator is a sharply focused program that involves mentorship and educational elements for startups that eventually lead to seed investment, connections, a pitch to investors etc. The aim of the accelerator is to help the startup accelerate its growth from its current stage of development into a fast-paced growth. Most accelerators are privately funded by investment or venture capital firms, though even the Governments have also started showing interest in such Programs. They are also known as seed accelerators.

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Benefits of Accelerator


Comprehensive Support

Working within an accelerator, you are furnished with mentorship, funding assistance, knowledge & direction to drive your startup in the proper direction.



Entrepreneurs will be connected directly to interested investors who are drawn to accelerators in the hopes of making a worthy investment.



Startup accelerators help entrepreneurs in developing essential skills required for running a business & other aspects of growth.



Helps entrepreneurs understand bottlenecks in their business model, addresses growth stage of the business, expected shortcomings in future, etc.

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