Running Profitable Cafe And Coffee Business For Sale At Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Looking For A FRANCHISE Of Hotel, Restaurants And Food Services, Chennai, India

Posted on: 26-Mar-2018

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We have a wide choice of roast and ground pre-packed coffee offering 100% pure coffee made from selected coffee beans for the coffee connoisseurs and judicious blends of Coffee and Chicory mix for coffee lovers who enjoy the sweet aroma and the rich taste of exotic coffee. After diligent processing, the beans are brought to our modern production unit in Chennai and roasted in the internationally renowned German Rapido Nova Roaster to perfection. Extra care is taken at the grinding stage too, as it also plays a role in determining the taste of coffee. Then the ground coffee is packed in three layer metallic poly packs which helps to retain the freshness of coffee till it reaches the customer. This facilitates the company to reach out to coffee lovers living in the remote places so that they can enjoy fresh coffee.

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Hotel, Restaurants and Food Services
Cafes and Fast food Joints


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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Name : Leo Coffee for Sale
Business Turnover : 2500000-50000000 INR /Annum
Total Expenses : 1000000-2500000 INR /Annum
Investment Required : 750000-1000000 INR
Minimum Investment : 1000000-2500000 INR
Liquied Capital : 750000-1000000 INR
Capital Upto : 750000-1000000 INR
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