Profitable Satyug Group Jewellery Franchise For Sale In Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Looking For A FRANCHISE Of Apparel And Footwear, Mumbai, India

Posted on: 09-May-2018

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Satyug Gold Private Limited ​Satyug Group is a Gold Bullion & Jewellery company promoted by Bollywood actor/entrepreneur Shilpa Shetty Kundra, a reputable star who stands for trust, honestly and above all loyalty to her work and fans. Satyug in Hinduism is the Yuga (Age or Era) of Truth, when humanity was governed by Gods, and every manifestation or work was close to the purest ideal and rooted in goodness. This era was also referred to as the Golden Age”. Where a commitment was a commitment and was honored at any cost. That is exactly what our philosophy is at Satyug Gold. Satyug Group owns 42% stake in Auptag Refinery Pvt. Ltd. The name is short form of Gold (Au) Platinum (Pt) and Silver (Ag) that come together as Auptag Refinery Private Limited. This new state of the art precious metal refinery is being set up at New-Panvel with refining capacity of more than 1.5 tonnes/month.

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Apparel & Footwear
Apparel Designer


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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Name : SATYUG GOLD SHOP for Sale
Business Turnover : 2500000-50000000 INR /Annum
Total Expenses : 1000000-2500000 INR /Annum
Investment Required : 1000000-2500000 INR
Minimum Investment : 1000000-2500000 INR
Liquied Capital : 1000000-2500000 INR
Capital Upto : 1000000-2500000 INR
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