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Business Transformation Service

No matter which stage of the business stage you are in, you are always looking to transform to a new state of higher productivity and performance. Tobuz, with its vast global network of consultants, experts and Institutions can help you transform your business. From investment opportunities, buying and selling of businesses, lending, franchising and more, Tobuz is the platform that can address all your business growth challenges in one place. We can also help you fundamentally change the processes, systems, people, and technology to help your business achieve a higher level of stakeholder satisfaction.


Business Transformation Services Include

Sale of the business

Business Consulting

Buying another business


Raising funds from VC or IPO

Process Consulting

Issue of stock to employees


Other Business Services



While considering either the purchase or sale of a business, it is essential to obtain an accountant’s advice. At Tobuz, accountants will give you peace of mind by evaluating your buy/sale decision based on knowledge & not speculation or any hearsay.

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Legal Services

No deal can be closed without legal help. A legal agent or attorney makes sure that all the organizational documents are updated, signed and notarized if required. They help you structure, negotiate and document the terms of the sale/purchase while negotiating the deal and thereby drafting it. Ensure efficient legal help during the financing process. And much more...

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Financial Advisors

Financial advisors play a vital role in buy/sale of the business. Assessing the feasibility of buying a potential business, helping in negotiating, analysing the performance of a business, putting together all the necessary documentation and more...

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